What Our Clients Say

“I looked at my existing policies and was surprised that the surrender value is so much lower than the total premium paid, even after I paid the premium for so many years. I realised then I can get the same product at a lower price by buying a second-hand policy.”

Koong, 33, Professional

“I’m a Fixed Deposit kind of person, quite passive. My risk appetite is low and I don’t have time to look at investments!”

Phyllis, 60, Educator

“I have a couple of Resale Endowment for my children. I paid for the initial sum and they upkeep the on-going premiums. It’s important to cultivate a savings habit so I give them a head start.”

Bradley, 52, Aviation

“It’s clear that I have instant savings on the premium paid into the policy, and the tenure is shorter too.”

Sean, 34, Business Owner

“The whole process of owning Resale Endowment is simpler than I thought. The REPs people are very systematic and keep me updated on each steps.”

Jane, 38, Homemaker