Knowing Your Goals

Children Education

Cost of education is always rising and it’s important to plan for your children tertiary education early. This is even more especially if you plan for send them for studies abroad.

Children Education

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a long journey and it’s vital to set aside sufficient funds for this purpose. Usually most people will not like to risk their retirement by going for speculative investments.

Retirement Planning

Hedging against Inflation

Inflation is a real thing and what it does is slowly erode your purchasing power if you do not do anything about it and park all your money in the bank. We need to ensure that your funds is earning a rate of returns that is higher than the inflation rate to achieve real growth.

Planning for Wealth Distribution

Resale Endowment Policy is an effective tool to distribute your wealth to your loved ones or to your favourite organizations.

Giving your children a headstart in life

Many parents would like their children to cultivate the habit of regular savings for their future, be it for marriage or to set up a business later. The parent can come out with the initial lump sum and have the children continue the annual premiums to maturity.

Giving Your Children a Headstart in life