Premium Plan of the Month

Every month we will showcase a policy with big lump sum upon maturity at attractive yields. Click here to view the current promotion.

Bundled Deal – Anticipated Endowment(AE)

Anticipated Endowments are flexible as they allows you to park cash savings with the insurers temporarily at good interest rates. You can utilise the cashbacks in a number of ways, including setting up an emergency fund or using them to offset future premiums.

Enjoy preferential rate by selecting at least 5 AE policies maturing in 11-19 year’s time.

REPs Ladder

You can build a stream of income by bundling policies that mature in consecutive years, for example 2026 – 2036. This way we called it Building a REPs Ladder, will allow you to enjoy consistent cash inflows from the maturity payouts every year. It’s flexible and works like annuity except that the yields will be higher.

Large Sum Investments

1. Initial sum/capital which is 100K and above;

2. Institutional Investors or organizations looking to do recurring investments;

3. Planning to build your sinking funds or life funds 

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Large Sum Investments