Goodwill Bonus Reimbursement


Notice to REPsInvest Clients


REPsInvest is the largest service provider for local Resale Endowment Policies since 2010. We offer individuals and organisations with a higher risk adjusted returns through our wide range of policies.

On its Bonus Notice dated April 2019, a British insurer has unexpectedly revised the bonus rate for some series of their policies downwards, resulting in a lower projected maturity value than the previous year.

We would like to announce that REPsInvest will be doing a Goodwill Bonus Reimbursement to clients whom have purchased the policies affected by the bonus revision from REPsInvest between the period of Oct’18 to Mar’19. These clients can expect to receive the difference in bonuses reimbursed in the form of upfront cash payments or offsets in their next policy purchase, depending on which period they took up the policies from us.

REPsInvest believe in providing satisfactory after-sales service, building the continuous trust in the business relationship and strengthening the confidence level in the company’s products. With this goodwill gesture, we hope to cushion the revision meanwhile.

You will be notified shortly by your respective sales manager if you belong to the group of client affected as above. Do look out for our mails as details of the reimbursement will be released to you shortly. Thank you.


Yours Sincerely,

Micky Neo

Executive Director