Other Benefits of REPs®


  • High Capital Protection

    REPs have been running for some years with accrued bonuses. Together with the basic sum assured, they will form a high capital guaranteed portion.

  • High Level of Compliance

    Endowments are issued by MAS licensed insurers and governed under strict regulations by the authority. They are also covered under policyowners’ protection scheme by SDIC

  • Hassle-free Application

    Anyone can take up a REPs® regardless of health status, age(at least 21 of age) and income. There are no requirements such as health checks or fact-finding.

  • Ease of Cash flow Planning

    Premiums and maturity payout are known and fixed on certain dates

  • Exemption from Tax

    Proceeds from insurance are not considered as income and free from tax.

  • No Hidden Charges

    You only pay for the purchase price which is the initial sum and no other fees or on-going charges.

  • Strong Currency

    Accumulate and preserve your wealth in Singapore dollars which is a stable currency.

Other Benefits of REPs

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