Invest with Certainty under Uncertain Times


The current COVID-19 situation definitely spells a time of uncertainty right now. Humans have always been fearful of the unknown. However, it is even more in times like these that call for a calm and logical approach.

It has been a roller coaster in the stock market and the market, literally. Panic and fear-mongering are causing people to panic sell stocks while also hoarding necessities like toilet paper and instant noodles. When will the market bottom? when will a vaccine be found? Nobody knows.

The current market can prove to be daunting for investors who invest emotionally. The journey of those who are able to navigate their way systematically during this period might prove to be rewarding, however, how many of them can do so consistently? After all, fear and greed have shown mankind many times that it can cause us to make the most illogical decisions.

Whether we are a savvy investor looking for diversification or a conservative investor seeking for capital protection, it would be ideal to have a safety net in place. During times of unfavourable conditions, while waiting for the storm to pass, it can be reassuring to know that we have a safety net to fall upon for our child’s education or even our own retirement plans.

Resale endowment policies (REPs) could be one way to achieve such certainty when we need it. REPs are policies given up by policy owners and this presents an opportunity for one to take over such policies, resulting in a shorter tenure and high returns. REPs can provide one with predictability and certainty in times like this as we can be assured that the money and pay-out would be there when we need it the most, even in most volatile market conditions.

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